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Description of our offerings:
The Black Painters Academy is a physical space on 5 Eldridge Street in New Yorks Chinatown neighborhood. Our main goal is to offer painting / painting adjacent classes for purpose of furthering our core message of object based experiential sustainable joy / mental space for all in need of such.

Our working age range is 20+, we offer hour - ish long painting classes which are free to whomever on a first come first serve basis, Black and brown to the front but whomever is in need of such a space can sign up as dictated by the end user.

We are not here to tell people if they do or do not have space, we are here to provide it for those we know do not / have historically been denied access to such. Unfortunately, that is an overwhelmingly Black and brown populace.

Classes are usually Friday Sunday and there is no limit on how many times you can take classes / return to finish an un-finished project.

All materials are covered by The Black Painters Academy. We fund our operations on a donation basis for those who are able to do so. Every other Thursday we operate the New Davonhaime Food Bank, a food pantry serving the areas of Chinatown, the Lower East Side and the FDR Houses from 10am - 12pm or until food runs out.

Our classes are free because we pay enough already
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